Temp Logistics

  • Best cost to monitor your cold chain
  • Better sustainability and carbon footprint with reusable sensors
  • Support for vaccine compliance and Dry Ice
  • 6+ months of battery life with a replaceable battery
  • Automated data download for your loggers
  • Optional trackers for 24X7 monitoring

Device Tracking

  • Prevent device loss and hoarding by simple device tracking solution
  • Monitor multiple vendor products in a common solution
  • Quick and easy deployment of virtual trackers on your devices
  • Monitor the device location and usage 24X7
  • Find lost devices easily through “Find Me” services
  • Identify device details for maintenance and upgrades

Health Care and Senior Living

  • Monitor patient / senior health and location anytime
  • Prevent asset theft and hoarding through asset tracking
  • Patient fall detection / Distress call and SoS notifications
  • Measure doctor to patient interaction time
  • Flexible choice of sensor assures best cost
  • Highly secure data transfer from device to cloud