Asset Tracking. Made Easy.

No headache asset tracking. Luna XIO tracks all Bluetooth-enabled tags and devices (Android, iOS) in one system.

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The Need for Asset Tracking

Track high-value assets

Enhance productivity and limit risk.

Expedite order fulfillment

Alert workers to nearby inventory to save search time.

Harness business intelligence

Make informed decisions on resource allocation and profitability with real-time data.

Enhance inventory management

Optimize racking and container tracking for efficient supply chain logistics.

Streamline supply chain operations

Improve part/asset tracking to reduce production delays.

Elevate patient care and profitability

Effectively track medical equipment to improve care, gain insights, and minimize loss.

Legacy Tracking Solution Challenges

Requires additional infrastructure, cabling, engineering, and design

Similar challenges as Passive (infrastructure, cabling, design) PLUS expensive tags

Even pricier tags that also need maintenance and recharging

Issues with accuracy and radio frequency interference

The Solution: Luna Tracker

No additional infrastructure required

Uses existing infrastructure. Reuse existing Bluetooth-enabled devices as gateways.

The right tracker for the right asset

Works on nearly all Bluetooth-enabled devices and tags.

No wires required

Long-life battery-powered anchors/beacons can be added for greater accuracy.

Fast Set-Up

System rollout is hassle-free and takes days rather than months.

Certified Luna Partners

Simple & Reliable Asset Tracking

Award-winning Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to Cloud Communication as a Service

  • Lower operational expenses: Find assets quickly and easily
  • See all your assets on one screen: Multi-vendor data feeds into a single system
  • No downtime: Basic set-up in less than a week
  • Minimal training required: Similar to Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature
  • Fast ROI: A very affordable Asset Tracking solution as it leverages existing infrastructure

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Luna Bluetooth-to-Cloud communications work automatically

Luna Tracker Features

Strengthened network

Strengthens your network/mesh by leveraging existing equipment (ie: iOS and Android devices).

Proximity reports

Proximity reports help locate misplaced assets.

Location anchors

Rich views with existing or additional beacons as location anchors.

Enhanced productivity

Associates can be alerted when looking for a given asset.

Simple Set Up

Download Luna app from Google Play or Apple App Store, and roll it out to Android and iOS mobile devices, mobile computers, and scanners via your MDM.

Luna app transforms mobile devices into powerful gateways, with any BLE beacon serving as a location anchor.

Chose the best-suited IoT sensors for your operations. Luna XIO will update sensors’ firmware to establish a secure, zero-touch, zero-trust communication channel.

Luna Asset Tracking

Gateway-enabled mobile devices receive data from IoT sensors, and provide real-time location data to the Luna XIO system.

View device locations, perform actions, and conduct asset audits through user-friendly mobile and desktop apps.

Customize your dashboards, reporting, and analytics to enhance device visibility and operational efficiency.

Luna Architecture

Luna architecture

The award-winning Luna communication protocol provides end-to-end encryption such that Luna-enabled gateways (barcode scanners, mobile computers, etc.) are neutral and only relay encrypted data. The benefits are:

  • Zero Touch: The system just works. There is no need for any manual action–no ‘pairing.’
  • Zero Trust: You can have visibility everywhere including where you don’t control the network (e.g. during transit or in a 3rd party warehouse).
  • Own Your Data: You own and control your data. No one else, including Luna, can access without your permission.

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