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Transform existing mobile computers into gateways and trackers. Save 10-20% of device budget and boost productivity.

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Cost of lost and missing mobile computers

Lost and misplaced devices impact bottom line and worker productivity/morale.

(10% LOST AT $1,000/DEVICE)

Per 1000 Devices

Device tracking challenges

  • Incomplete and incompatible tracking solutions in multi-vendor device environments
  • Small and non-Android devices are more vulnerable to loss
  • Limited recovery window due to short battery lives

The Solution: Luna Tracker

  • Software-only solution: App available on Google Play or Apple App Store
  • No additional infrastructure required: Turns any Bluetooth-enabled device into a tracker, gateway, or location anchor
  • Simple, seamless, and secure: New protocol enables zero-touch (hassle-free rollout) and zero-trust (end-to-end bi-directional encryption) implementation
Luna XIO Device Tracking Demo (3 min)

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Simple & Reliable Device Tracking

Award-winning Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to Cloud Communication as a Service

  • Save 10%-20% of device budget and lower opex: Find lost devices quickly and easily
  • See all your devices: Access multi-vendor device data from a single system
  • No downtime: Set-up with your existing MDM / RTLS takes less than a day
  • Minimal training required: similar to Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature
  • Extends device recovery windows: Days rather than hours
  • Affordable: Only $2/month per tracked device

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Luna Tracker Features

Automated recovery workflow

Associates are automatically alerted when a lost device is close by.

Proximity reports

Proximity reports help locate devices.

Extended recovery window

Extend recovery window from a day to week+ with power-sipping lost mode.

Location anchors

Leverage existing infrastructure as location anchors to minimize setup and maintenance.

What’s the ROI?

Simple Set Up

Download Luna app from Google Play or Apple App Store and roll it out to all Android and iOS mobile devices, mobile computers, and scanners via your MDM.

Luna app transforms mobile devices into powerful trackers and gateways.

Any BLE beacon can serve as a location anchor.

Mobile devices track and securely communicate with each other and provide real-time location data to the Luna XIO system.

View device locations, perform actions, and conduct asset audits through user-friendly mobile and desktop apps.

Customize your dashboards, reporting, and analytics to enhance device visibility and operational efficiency.

Luna Architecture

Luna architecture

The award-winning Luna communication protocol provides end-to-end encryption such that Luna-enabled gateways (barcode scanners, mobile computers, etc.) are neutral and only relay encrypted data. The benefits are:

  • Zero Touch: The system just works. There is no need for any manual action–no ‘pairing.’
  • Zero Trust: You can have visibility everywhere including where you don’t control the network (e.g. during transit or in a 3rd party warehouse).
  • Own Your Data: You own and control your data. No one else, including Luna, can access without your permission.

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