Next Level Real-Time Visibility.

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Streamline Supply Chain operations with real-time visibility down to the pallet level. Unify shipment data, meet compliance goals, ensure uptime, and achieve fast ROI.

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The Need for Real-Time Visibility

Condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Maintain temperature integrity (TOR) and other perishable good conditions.

Supply chain visibility

Real-time tracking and tracing of shipments (OTIF).

Process optimization

Optimize operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Inventory management

Keeping track of inventory.

Last mile delivery

Ensure that shipments make it to their intended customers.

Data visualization and analytics

Single platform for real-time alerts, notifications, and route optimizations.

Solution Specific Challenges

Direct to cloud
  • Expensive devices with limited battery lives
  • Cumbersome for returns
  • Unstable network recovery
Passive data logger
  • No real-time visibility
  • No actionable intelligence
  • Goods lost due to temperature and environmental deviations
Traditional Bluetooth
  • Risk of data loss with one-way transmission
  • Costly hardware gateways required
  • Complex infrastructure management

Legacy Tracking Solution Implications

Lack of real-time visibility
Data loggers and passive RFID can’t deliver real-time data updates consistently.

Lack of an integrated solution
Proprietary systems require multiple screens and lack integrated workflows.

High cost
RFID and traditional Bluetooth require costly gateway installation and management.

Prone to human error
Barcode scanners, data-loggers, and RFID systems rely on error-prone human actions.

The Solution: Luna Tracker

The right sensor for the right asset

Works on nearly all Bluetooth-enabled devices and tags. Choose the right tag to track the right asset

Luna offers automatic supply chain condition monitoring
No additional infrastructure

Uses existing infrastructure. Transforms any Bluetooth-enabled device into a tracker and gateway.

Luna sends data automatically into your existing systems
Feeds easily into existing systems

Integrates with existing TMS or WMS applications.

Certified Luna Partners

Next Level Real-Time Visibility for Supply Chain

Award-winning Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to Cloud Communication as a Service

  • Device and application agnostic: Connect any sensor/tracker to any application
  • Helps meet compliance and performance KPIs: Can act on alerts and notifications as events occur
  • No downtime: Basic set-up in less than a week, no changes to existing workflows required
  • Pervasive shipment monitoring: Software-based gateways enable greater visibility
  • Faster ROI and Pay-As-You-Go: Leveraging existing infrastructure and payment based on utilizations makes system very affordable

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Pay-As-You-Go, the ability to leverage existing infrastructure, and ease of deployment make Luna XIO very affordable.

Luna Tracker Features

Real-time visibility

Luna XIO Real-Time Visibility

Real-time tracking for shippers, logistics providers, and end customers.

Condition monitoring + alerts

Stakeholders alerted to changes in shipping conditions or long dwell times in transit (ie: Exception-as-a-Service).

Gapless, limitless and lossless

Seamless, unlimited, and accurate data transmission.

Enterprise visibility

A single point of truth for all tracked assets and shipments

Simple Set Up

Download Luna Locate app from an app Store.

App transforms existing infrastructure mobile devices into gateways.

Choose the best-suited trackers or sensors for your application. Luna XIO will provide the firmware.

Gateway-enabled devices receive info from sensors, and provide real-time location and condition data to the Luna XIO system.

View device locations, perform actions, and conduct asset audits through user-friendly mobile and desktop apps.

Customize your dashboards, reporting, and analytics to enhance device visibility and operational efficiency.

Luna Architecture

Luna architecture

The award-winning Luna communication protocol provides end-to-end encryption such that Luna-enabled gateways (barcode scanners, mobile computers, etc.) are neutral and only relay encrypted data. The benefits are:

  • Zero Touch: The system just works. There is no need for any manual action–no ‘pairing.’
  • Zero Trust: You can have visibility everywhere including where you don’t control the network (e.g. during transit or in a 3rd party warehouse).
  • Own Your Data: You own and control your data. No one else, including Luna, can access without your permission.

Luna Provides Assured Data Delivery

Sensors gather data

The sensor initiates a secure connection request to the cloud for data transmission.

Collection authorization

Luna service enables and authorizes secure and reliable two-way data transfer.

Encrypted upload with retries

Encrypted data is sent and acknowledged. It automatically resends if connectivity drops.

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