Device Partners

Most extensible plug-n-play portfolio of devices

Lack of interoperability or vendor lock is a thing of the past. With Luna XIO, an integrator quickly can create a shared, seamless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network of interconnected devices that give telemetry and location data anywhere that is convenient and secure. Luna has partnered with different IoT vendors, phone and device makers. The benefit is an extensible plug-and-play portfolio of devices that is ever growing and solving key customer challenges.

Infrastructure Partners

Software gateways at the touch of a button

Gateways are the bane of any low-power (BLE, RFID, etc.) IoT deployment. They can be expensive and a hassle to install and maintain. Luna has partnered with the leading mobile device makers in the world to allow users to roll out software-based gateway infrastructure at the touch of a button.