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End the Nightmare of Lost Handheld Scanners!

Scanners, tablets, and small devices disappear in warehouses like ghosts in the night. Luna XIO will exorcise those missing devices for good.

Want to hear something that will make your blood run cold? Businesses lose tens of thousands of dollars worth of devices every year (each year about 10-20% of devices go missing). Even more frightening, is all the time staff have to waste wandering around like zombies tracking down missing devices. Hours upon hours spent with people wandering around going, “I know it put it down around here somewhere before I got a coffee…” That is not a productive use of anyone’s time.

With Luna, you can save millions of dollars and see a positive ROI right away.

It’s not gremlins, it’s just human nature

Small devices like scanners and tablets go missing all the time, but you’d swear you had a poltergeist living in your warehouse sometimes. You set that scanner down and, poof, it’s not where you left it. Misplacing items in a warehouse, industrial, or retail setting isn’t hard. With all the nooks and crannies, boxes moving, pallets going in and out, it’s easy for something to slide out of sight.

Then there is the deliberate ‘disappearing’. People have their favorite scanner; the one that always works and isn’t possessed by tech demons. So in a well-meaning way, people want to make sure they can always get their job done by hiding their precious scanner so they get it for their next shift. But sometimes it’s hidden too well. And when it’s time to charge devices or do a software update, you have hundreds of devices lost in a device graveyard somewhere…

Lost devices aren’t getting maintained, charged, and updated regularly. Which adds up fast in replacement costs, the risk of a security breach from unpatched devices, and lost productivity when there aren’t enough devices to go around. Dealing with replacement bills in the tens of thousands of dollars is a horror too great to witness.

My devices have Bluetooth and WiFi; why can’t I find them?!?

Most devices have at least one way to connect to your network or other devices. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) lets small devices send out their location and connect to other devices. Larger devices like tablets and mobile computers have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but even that isn’t foolproof.

Here’s why.

Most smartphones and mobile devices have some kind of ‘find my…’ app. And these work great if you’re wondering “Did I leave my phone in the store or at home?”, but the scary thing is Wi-Fi can usually only give you a location within about 2000 square feet (200 square meters). It’s like knowing your phone is somewhere in the house, but is it in the car or under the couch? Wi-Fi-based systems aren’t going to save the day. Scale this up to a retail store or warehouse and that 2000 square feet radius isn’t much help at all.

Relying on Wi-Fi alone is going to leave you out in the cold.

If you want to actually find your devices before their batteries completely give out, you need to narrow things down a bit. You need to be able to know when you’re within a few feet of a missing device and for it to keep working when a device is in power-saving mode and Wi-Fi is turned off.

And the solution is two-fold: use Bluetooth and all the other devices in your building as trackers. With Luna installed, your business’ smartphones and tablets can act as trackers between your network and a lost device. Even if you have spots where the network is lost to the darkness, a Luna-enabled device using Bluetooth can still locate the device.

Because Bluetooth and BLE take less power, they stay active when devices switch into power-save mode. By leveraging all the other Luna-enabled devices around it, you can see where something is within a few feet. Luna-enabled devices work like relays or waypoints around the building, you don’t have to worry about dead zones like bathrooms and elevators or interference from other devices. Bluetooth keeps going and going, long after Wi-Fi has given up the ghost.

How Luna XIO works

The premise behind Luna is very simple: use Bluetooth, which is a ubiquitous connection standard supported by most devices–and all the devices already in employees’ hands–as waypoints to carry and relay signals between your network and missing devices. All it takes is the Luna app on a barcode scanner, mobile computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and Luna’s software will make the magic happen.

Luna can be deployed via your company’s existing device management system and the whole architecture can be set up in less than a day.

First, the Luna app is pushed to devices from your MDM. Luna works on iOS and Android devices as well as select proprietary systems

The Luna app transforms your mobile devices into trackers AND gateways (and not only on full moons). Employees have nothing to configure and the connection between all the devices is encrypted at all times.

Luna is a zero-touch system, which means it’s designed so there’s no need to pair devices, no need for change to existing workflows. Luna is so simple and intuitive, there is no need for additional staff training.

With Luna set up, all devices will report their location and status back to the Luna XIO system. There is no proprietary hardware to purchase or deploy. Luna works with open standards, so you get the best security and flexibility possible.

Using the Luna app, a supervisor or an automated system can mark a device lost and someone can be sent to where the device was last seen. When they are within 40 ft (15 meters), they will get a notification that a lost soul is nearby. Like a cry in the darkness, the lost device can emit sound, flash a light, or use radar-like functionality to help rescue the scanner from certain doom.

It does sound like black magic, but seeing is believing, so watch this short video on how Luna finds devices–if you dare…

Luna Device Tracking Demo (3mins)

Secure and open architecture

If Luna were just a lost soul locator and detector, that would be a mystical treasure indeed, but the Luna XIO system is far more than that. Luna gives you an entire suite of tools to manage devices, do device inventory audits, and connect other devices to send you information. Luna-enabled sensors can be put in trucks to track shipment locations and even let you know if refrigerated items are getting too warm. You can use Luna to see where shipments are in your locations and make sure the right inventory is being loaded in the right places. Imagine simple and easy scanning to transmit data from your warehouses to stores to offices to reports.

And all done without needing to configure thousands of devices.

We don’t open our doors to strangers

Part of what takes the fear out of deploying Luna is that the system is designed to trust no one. Zero-trust security means everything is assumed to be a threat, so Luna communications are encrypted end-to-end. When the first answer is always “Door is closed!!!”, there is no entry. And those who try to stick around and haunt your network and steal the soul of your data are thwarted. Your data is always protected from evil.

Who ya gonna call?

There is a better way. Escape the house of horrors of proprietary hardware, complicated installs, and hardware lock-in with Luna XIO. Luna lets you use all the devices already on your network to help you find lost devices, saving you replacement costs and lost productivity.

And Luna can do so much more than find the lost. Luna lets any BLE device send and receive data without complicated hardware installs. Imagine if you could find all your misplaced devices and use the same system to improve logistics throughout your organization.

Luna is no trick, just treats.

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