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Unlocking Savings: The Untold ROI of Device Tracking Tech

Effortlessly slash costs and boost productivity with more effective device tracking

Let me ask you something. How many scanners and mobile computers did you buy last year just to replace lost or stolen ones? We’re not talking about wear and tear or breakage, only the devices that were just gone.

For a lot of companies, it’s about 10% of their scanner inventory a year. This really adds up: for 1,000 devices at about $1,000 each, this translates to $100,000 lost every year. 

Now think about how much time your employees spent looking for these devices. On average, people spend 15 minutes per device per day looking for “that scanner was just right here?!?”. So if you have 1,000 devices–that’s about 90,000 hours of lost time per year!

Now imagine if misplaced devices could be tracked and located, even within the largest warehouses, by leveraging all the other devices people carry. Imagine if employees could use an app to track and locate missing devices, see where the device is, and go right to it. No wasted time or productivity wandering through aisles or looking behind shelves for missing devices.

Luna XIO’s award-winning Bluetooth-to-cloud protocol uses your network and infrastructure to connect handheld devices like scanners, mobile computers, and tablets to the cloud for tracking devices and securely transmitting the data from your devices to your systems for real-time monitoring and tracking. From custom dashboards, the Luna mobile app, or even your existing IT management systems, you can do everything from finding missing devices to tracking shipments to asset management.

And this just scratches the surface of how Luna XIO gives you unparalleled value for your money, in some cases saving over a million dollars a year on a $24,000 deployment at the list price of $24/yr for 1,000 devices (that’s a 5100% ROI by the way).

Go from “Where are all the scanners?!?” to “Wow, here are all the scanners!”

Today’s handheld scanners are small, light, compact, and easy to lose. They can fall behind boxes, between shelves, or stashed away by employees (…Bob likes his favorite scanner). And these scanners aren’t cheap. At $500 to $1500 each, replacement costs quickly add up.

In the past, finding missing scanners was a really frustrating waste of time for employees. In a large warehouse trying to find something not that much bigger than a phone or tablet, is a huge challenge. People can wander around for a long time (the average is 15 minutes per device per day) and still not find a device that might be right next to them, but under a shelf or behind a stack of pallets. We all know how easy it is to miss devices right next to us because they just blend into whatever they are sitting on.

Luna XIO changes all that.

Luna XIO does two things seamlessly. One is to connect your barcode scanners or mobile computers to your network using whatever connectivity is already built into the device (Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular). This is done en mass without needing to touch and configure every device. Secondly, all you have to do is push the Luna XIO app out through your MDM system and Luna takes care of the rest on all your company devices.

Now you’re in business. All your handheld devices can be tracked from a single dashboard. You can see location, battery levels, and more from a single place. Employee devices (smartphones, laptops, barcode scanners, and tablets) work together using the Luna communications protocol to make sure all your devices are always in touch with your network and the devices around it. When it comes to locating missing devices, unlike other device tracking apps that rely solely on WiFi, Luna uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) so it even works with devices that don’t have WiFi, are out of WiFi range, or have shut down WiFi in a low power mode. BLE lets you pinpoint devices in a much smaller area than you could with WiFi. Because all the devices that have the Luna installed connect with each other to relay location information and data, you have continuous coverage all over your facility with no dead zones.

When a scanner goes missing, you can have it emit a sound, flash a light, or both, letting an employee with the Luna app head right to where the device is (within a few feet) and retrieve it. Thanks to Luna’s advanced energy-sipping technology, the time you have to find a lost device extends dramatically, from hours to days, significantly increasing the chances of recovery before the battery runs out. Even if the battery does goes so low that maintaining a WiFi connection is not feasible, the efficiency of Luna and BLE ensures someone can go to the last known location and have a smaller, more manageable area to search, making locating lost devices more efficient and less stressful

And this isn’t just for finding lost devices. You can find devices that have been left in employee lockers, not put back onto chargers at night, or just left somewhere in the building accidentally. Luna makes it easy to keep track of all your devices from one place.

Keep people focused on their jobs instead of looking for lost devices

The hunt for essential tools, like scanners, can double-dip into productivity, first by sidelining an employee’s primary tasks and then cumulatively through the search itself. This not only represents lost time but also has a tangible impact on your operation’s efficiency.

With Luna, the equation changes. By ensuring devices are always accounted for and readily accessible, employees sidestep the time sink of searching for tools at the start of their shift. Luna’s solution reduces the incidence of misplaced devices, simplifies the retrieval process, guarantees device readiness, and gets your team on task immediately—without downtime.

Envision the workflow improvements at shift transitions when devices are all charged, updated, data logged, and ready when employees need them. Luna transforms your operational efficiency, turning the search for lost devices from a frequent frustration into a rarity, letting your team focus on what truly matters—maximizing productivity and enhancing your bottom line.

How Luna Stands Apart

Luna XIO adopted a software-first strategy, focusing on creating robust software solutions that can be effortlessly integrated into existing devices. This innovative approach avoids the need for proprietary hardware, allowing for quick, seamless updates and scalability. By prioritizing software, Luna XIO ensures its clients can utilize their existing infrastructure, making the technology adaptable, user-friendly, and cost-effective. This method not only simplifies the adoption process but also future-proofs the clients’ investments, enabling them to stay ahead with minimal disruption.

Because Luna takes advantage of your existing network and infrastructure, you don’t add yet-another-thing for IT to manage. The Luna XIO mobile app can be installed and configured without employees needing to do a thing. It just works out of the box. The entire Luna set-up process can be done in a day.

The entire process is hands-off and zero-touch. Set up is done en mass without needing to configure hundreds or thousands of devices individually. Most of all, Luna XIO is secure. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. It travels over the Bluetooth-to-cloud connection directly to your systems where the data seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, processes, and workflows.

Luna XIO employs a sophisticated zero-trust security model, operating on the principle that no entity, internal or external, is trusted by default. It allows devices to pass along information securely, without granting them access to view data. This approach maintains strict data integrity and security, preventing unauthorized access while enabling a secure flow of necessary information.

Luna XIO is the revolutionary system that makes device monitoring, asset management, supply chain management, and loss prevention simple and easy to deploy in less than a week.

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