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Luna XIO talk for ISSIP

Join us as we present Luna XIO, the ISSIP (International Society of Service Innovation Professionals) Service Innovation Award winner for Overall Impact – Business, Society, Innovation. Luna revolutionizes pervasive monitoring, addressing challenges in food safety, healthcare, and supply chains.

Even with all the promises of IoT, monitoring items like blueberries, oxygen tanks, and engine parts has been challenging. Bluetooth, particularly Bluetooth-Low-Energy (BLE), offers affordability and widespread adoption but falls short on cloud connectivity. Luna bridges this gap, providing secure, zero-touch BLE-to-cloud connectivity, enabling seamless integration, real-time insights, automation, and improved quality control.

Explore Luna’s potential to reshape food, retail, healthcare, and supply chains in this presentation. Join us as we delve into Luna’s design, development, and transformative impact on business, society, and innovation.

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