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Smart Labels: Industry Partners Working Together for Innovative Solutions

Luna XIO participates in first successful Open Smart Label Consortium interoperability test

Smart labels present a promising tool  for loss prevention, regulatory compliance, environmental monitoring, and reliable supply chains. Smart labels look and function just like any other shipping label, but under the surface is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip that lets the label do more than just show the address. Smart labels can give real-time location tracking, environmental monitoring, and visibility from origin to destination. 

There has been impressive progress in the design and manufacturing of the electronics for smart labels, but adoption of this technology requires understanding of existing processes, a standards-based approach that allows vendor choice, and the existence of a clear data ownership model. The Open Smart Label Consortium was formed to tackle these challenges and bring smart labels into widespread use across the shipping and logistics industry. 

The initial partners in the consortium, leading experts in BLE, Internet of Things (IOT), and data connectivity, tested a simple question:

Can you add a flexible BLE  sensor to a 4×6 fanfold shipping label,, print on it with an off-the-shelf label printer, and then have it transmit data through a neutral communication pipe to a third party shipment management application?

The test run included InPlay, Minew, and Luna XIO. We demonstrated printing on smart labels made by Minew based on InPlay technology. We used a standard fanfold label printer, and transmitted the data through barcode scanners equipped with Luna XIO software. This successful test showed the capabilities of the premise and now we’re ready to demonstrate this to everyone at the RFID Journal event this week in Las Vegas.

Come see the demo in Las Vegas, April 9-11

You can see how open smart labels work at our demonstration during the RFID Journal Live event, April 9-11. Learn how the Open Smart Label Consortium tackles the three barriers to adoption in the In-Play booth (528) or by visiting

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