Luna XIO makes pervasive IoT easy

Visibility and reach, such as that provided by the internet of things (IoT), are keys to business success. But if you’ve been involved in almost any IoT deployment, you know the challenges of fragmented systems. From device tagging, to gateways, to routers, to clouds, risks lie in designing robust communications, embedding security, and ensuring data privacy all while staying within budget. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions now are making pervasive IoT more attainable for sensor manufacturers,
IoT solution designers, and project managers alike because there’s a new way to move beyond limits toward fast deployment, security across lines of responsibility, and easy to modify IoT infrastructures.

Luna XIO has found a way to overcome the challenges.

Luna XIO has found a way to overcome the challenges.

Luna provides today’s commercial and industrial settings with easy to deploy, secure pervasive sensing. The key: Harvesting data from the pervasive presence of internet connected BLE capable infrastructure.

Right technology sets the stage

The inherent simplicity and robustness of Luna’s BLE end-to-end encrypted architecture makes it a natural enabler in IoT environments because users can leverage existing IT infrastructure. With Luna software, IoT solution providers can create BLE gateways from equipment such as mobile devices, Wi Fi access points, printers, and productivity tools like barcode / RFID scanners and readers.

Each item to be tracked IV pump, blueberry crate, or pipe fitting receives a factory key that enables end-to-end encrypted communications through Luna software. As the item travels, its associated data is automatically sent through a neutral gateway and a
Luna routing service to the cloud where all the fun (analysis and improvements)

Luna provides secure BLE-to-cloud communication as a service.

The security tunnel

At first glance, a mobile device acting as a gateway might make an IT leader a bit nervous. Not necessary here.

Luna’s industry leading end to end encryption goes beyond data safety and protection standards.

Because the gateways are neutral, they do not hold the data but rather truly catch and release it to the routing service. The Luna agent, that resides under the end customer’s control, securely acknowledges the receipt of data then decrypts it and provides a convenient API to customer applications that consume and manipulate the data.

Naturally interoperable

The Luna architecture is flexible and can fit any current communication solution. Items are easily tagged with Luna-enabled trackers. Neutral and ubiquitous gateways send data to the router then on to any server in your organization.

Time to value enabled by faster Deployments

ROI in the Luna solution is straightforward. No gateway setup expenses are incurred with Luna’s easy deployment and instantly created mobile neutral gateways. No additional engineering is required for security or privacy through Luna’s E2E encryption and protocols. Security is enhanced with zero touch and zero trust communications between the devices, gateways, and cloud. No redesign costs arise related to existing systems.

Luna designs solutions that deliver data easily throughout a fluid organization that needs to know asset location, conditions, and associated data at any time.

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