Next Level Healthcare Visibility with Luna XIO

Next-Level Healthcare Visibility: Integrating Bluetooth with Existing Infrastructure.

Using technology to enhance healthcare, streamline patient care, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs is always a hot topic. But often new technologies don’t live up to their promise. Often there is so much new technology needed, that implementation becomes a nightmare of replacing and updating systems over and over again. Sometimes it seems like the only way to bring in a new technology is to throw everything you have out the window.

But what if it didn’t have to be like that? What if you could deploy advanced, sophisticated technologies, but use your existing applications and infrastructure?

Luna XIO is committed to enhancing healthcare visibility with its award-winning Bluetooth-to-cloud platform that lets you connect Bluetooth low energy (BLE) sensors to your existing network and infrastructure. These sensors can monitor patients, track assets, ensure patient care standards are met, and even provide condition monitoring for sensitive medical supplies. All leveraging your existing systems and with easy implementation.

Luna and the new era of Bluetooth communications

Imagine being able to remotely monitor patient vital signs at the hospital or at home. Imagine knowing where all your assets are and if they are ready to be deployed. Imagine alerts and real-time dashboards telling you if patients are getting enough bedside time, tracking assets as they move, or making sure vital medicines are kept at the right temperatures in transport.

All of these things are possible with the newest generations of BLE sensors and Luna’s Bluetooth-to-cloud connectivity. Luna provides device-agnostic functionality and seamlessly connects to the cloud through existing internet-connected devices like smartphones. Setting sensors and software up is done remotely en masse and can be deployed through your existing device management software to all your mobile devices; no complicated pairing and setup required! Luna’s software takes care of it all, from connecting, transmitting, encrypting, and sending the data to your existing applications. Luna’s Bluetooth-to-cloud technology can be deployed in a week using your existing infrastructure and devices such as workers’ mobile phones, tablets, or barcode scanners.

Bluetooth sensors communicate seamlessly and securely with existing infrastructure (such as care providers’ mobile devices) using the Luna communications protocol to provide next-level healthcare visibility.

Luna allows healthcare service providers to use nearly any BLE device for asset tracking, data recording, condition monitoring, and location awareness. Some of the newest devices have batteries that last years and can be placed virtually anywhere. BLE devices, combined with Luna’s pioneering technology platform, provide unprecedented visibility into assets, staff, and patients. Luna’s protocol ensures security, ease of use, and privacy protections are built in. Luna XIO’s technologies ensure all data is handled securely every step of the way. There are no shortcuts to protecting patient health data, and Luna makes sure nothing is missed.

Here are a few ways BLE and Luna can improve healthcare delivery, outcomes, and patient care.

Ensuring patients get the care they need, even at home

Healthcare is ultimately about people getting better and living long, happy lives. While technology helps with things like monitoring vital signs already, it’s people who do the actual caring. From doctors to nurses to care aids, people are the ones who make a difference in patient outcomes. But too often we hear horror stories of elders in care not checked on for hours. Patients recuperating at home are at risk of complications because not enough time is spent with them to check dressings, catheters, and other medical devices. Healthcare delivery is complicated enough, how can you track and make sure everyone is getting the care they need to get better?

Versatile BLE tags can be placed on a patient’s bed, chart, binder, or even hospital bracelet. With Luna,. these tags can securely connect to an app on a healthcare worker’s phone to record that they are close to the patient and how long they were there. These sensors do not track an individual care provider, only record that a person has been in close proximity to a patient over time. 

Luna provides seamless and secure communications for advanced healthcare visibility in a care facility or patient's home.
Luna provides seamless and secure communications for advanced healthcare visibility in a care facility or patient’s home.

Other sensors and devices can gather data from the monitors around the patient and relay it automatically for real-time tracking of key vital signs. Remote monitoring can let a home health nurse know if a patient is running low on supplies like oxygen or medication and make sure they have it with them when they visit. Knowing what is low, needs fresh batteries, or might need replacing saves time and additional trips to a patient’s location.

Making sure patients see healthcare workers, for the human connection if nothing else, is core to good care and healing. With Luna, you can ensure everyone receives the level of care needed to ensure their health and well-being.

Know where all your assets are, their condition, and status at a glance

In the hospital, or at home, medical devices are everywhere. Monitors, pumps, oxygen tanks, and specialized medical equipment are crucial parts of modern health care. But these devices are also expensive and need to be kept track of. 

But what if you got that information automatically? BLE sensors can easily track locations down to a few feet or meters. You could know which equipment is deployed in the field, ready to go in the warehouse, or sitting in your facility waiting to be cleaned. 

HME Asset Tracking: Gateways in staging areas track the movement and location of tagged assets
HME Asset Tracking: Gateways in staging areas track the movement and location of tagged assets

This reporting and location accuracy wasn’t available even a few years ago, and now thanks to innovations in BLE sensors and connectivity, hospitals and homecare agencies can keep track of all their assets more accurately and more easily than ever before.

Tracking environmentally sensitive medicines from pharmacy to patient

We saw first hand during the COVID pandemic how crucial it is for some medicines to be kept within strict temperature ranges during transport. COVID vaccines needed to be kept extremely cold from factory to pharmacy to remain effective, and existing supply chains could handle that without too much difficulty. Today there are more and more if these temperature-sensitive medicines, but now there is a new wrinkle in supply chain–more and more sensitive medications are being shipped directly to patients’ homes, and not hospitals. This means monitoring temperature and humidity in places most medical supply chains haven’t gone before.

Chain of custody / Pharma monitoring
Tracking and environmental monitoring for controlled or short-dated pharmaceuticals is critical.

Pharmaceutical companies have sophisticated monitoring systems for their existing supply chain from manufacturing plants to hospitals, the trick is to close the last mile gap to right to a patient receiving care at home. Shippers already have sensors and trackers in their large trucks, but smaller delivery trucks might not. Luna’s Bluetooth-to-cloud platform lets manufacturers extend environmental tracking and condition monitoring all the way to delivery at a patient’s home. Small BLE sensors can be placed inside each package and that sensor can relay environmental data throughout its entire journey. Everyone from the supplier to a patient’s nurse can know exactly when the medicine arrives and if it arrived safely. Extending condition monitoring right to patients lets more people rest and recover at home, while still getting the sophisticated medications they’d otherwise have to go to the hospital to receive.

Luna has led the way in secure Bluetooth-to-cloud communications for improved Healthcare Visibility.

Luna XIO isn’t in the sensor business or the asset management business or in healthcare or transportation, but our technology seamlessly gathers data from a myriad of devices in a range of industries making our solution one of the most important new developments in recent years.

As supply chains have been crunched and keeping track of assets and monitoring data becomes even more critical, being able to integrate hundreds or thousands of sensors and BLE devices into your existing network, gather the data, and securely send it to whatever other systems you need is the edge businesses need today. Healthcare is critical to all of us. Getting help when we need it to heal is something we can all relate to. Because healthcare has always relied on massive amounts of data, it’s also an industry that can benefit from every technology edge it can get.

Today’s advances in both sensors and data transmission have opened up new ways to improve health and healthcare for all of us. Luna has pioneered the technologies and protocols to integrate advanced BLE sensors everywhere imaginable using all your existing hardware and software. Luna has opened up whole new possibilities for real-time data monitoring, reporting, and management.

Learn more about Luna’s award-winning Bluetooth-to-cloud technology and how provides next-level healthcare visibility and improves health outcomes.

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