Modex and HIMSS logos

Modex 2024 / HIMSS 2024

Next week, Pete Seltz from Luna XIO is set to illuminate how we’re revolutionizing Supply Chain and Healthcare at two key events! 🌟

📅 Modex 2024: Meet with Pete to learn about Supply Chain Visibility 2.0 at Modex. Luna is enhancing logistics with real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and IoT integration, transforming supply chain efficiency and transparency.

📅 HIMSS 2024: At HIMSS, Pete will be speak to how Luna’s Healthcare Visibility solution is advancing patient care with innovative tracking technology, ensuring equipment, staff, and pharmaceuticals are where they need to be, enhancing operational analytics and patient safety.

Join us to experience how Luna XIO is setting new standards in Supply Chain and Healthcare industries! 

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