Luna tags on elves on shelves

‘Twas the Tech Before Christmas: Luna’s Role in Santa’s Supply Chain

Toys aren’t all that Santa’s got in his bag this year

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, sensors were blinking that Santa’s about.

Those elves on those shelves had a secret you see: they carried a payload of syncing BLEs.

As Santa approaches each house on the block, the elf pings back that it’s time for a stop. Santa receives that signal in time, thanks to Luna XIO’s secure network design.

Luna, you know, takes the data you have and distributes it far to cloud servers, even on the go!

So Santa always knows what’s the score. Is this the house with the chimney that’s a chore? Are his packages safe and staying shock free? A sensor in each bow gives the details quickly.

As Santa ventures across the globe, North Pole Central knows where he’s at, from cell phones to satellites Santa’s always in contact.

Those small little apps to capture Santa on film are actually made by Luna to help Santa out. But don’t you pout, the apps, like the data, are completely secure. And only work when Santa’s on tour.

From house to house, the way is made clear. As the sensors connect and hop across packets, Santa knows when not to make a racket.

Each elf then confirms, before returning North, that each present is safe and it’s time to go forth.

The data is captured, the reports are all made. The KPIs tracked, and the plans are all laid, to make next year even better and make sure all the kids know that Santa will appear whenever it snows.

So be like Santa, and leverage some tech to keep your supply chains fully in check. With Luna in your pocket your inventory is set, your docket is tracked, and you can respond to any setback.

Deployed in just hours through your own MDM, and using your mobile devices without any fuss and no more muss, you have a network that will make the sternest CIO blush.

The sensors are small and can be anywhere, from packages to presents or even socks and underwear! You’ll always know where your devices are hiding, from noises to blinkers you can see them right there, and make sure they have battery to spare.

Securely done, and neatly wrapped, you can be like Santa and not get trapped.

Open standards are Luna’s bag, so your tech will never groan and it will never lag.

Don’t get locked into systems that don’t flex, and don’t even worry, Luna passes all the checks. From data here to data there, Luna makes sure you won’t have a care.

So take just a moment to learn what Santa knows, it’s sensors and data and Luna that makes things go. You too can have what’s in Santa’s sleigh, and from now on your data’s on its way.

So while Santa is preparing his run, you too can have some fun. Just click the button and find out how you can start the New Year going “just wow”.

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