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Meet Luna at NRF 2024!

Luna XIO attending NRF 2024 in New York (Jan 13-16, 2024)

🌐 Discover the Future of Device Tracking with Luna XIO at NRF 2024! πŸ›’

Join us at NRF (National Retail Federation) this year and explore how Luna XIO is revolutionizing device tracking in retail.

🌟 Top Reasons to Meet with Luna at NRF:

  • End the Frustration: Stop wasting time and money on lost barcode scanners and mobile computers.
  • Custom-fit Your Retail Space: Let’s talk about integrating device tracking tailored to your retail environment’s needs.
  • Insights from the Source: Connect with our device-tracking expert, Pete Seltz, to learn how real-time data can revolutionize your retail business.

πŸ“… Let’s Connect!
Take the first step towards transforming your retail operations. Book a meeting with us at NRF 2024 by emailing us :

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